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The Commander treated Ching Shih with respect, admired her wisdom, and treated her as a capable leader. Soon, she began revealing her insight as a pirate and became an active fleet commander. Her escapades and bravery won her the respect of her peers, and after her husband’s death, she took control of the reigns.

Under her leadership, the Red Flag Fleet grew enormously, compromising 1200 support ships and more than 300 warships. Ching Shih had an enormous crew of over 80,000 men, women, and children. She was a fierce and charismatic pirate who terrorized the islands of China and surroundin g waters. Such was the fear she emanated that the Chinese government had to pardon her fleet to gain relief against raiding.

5.       The Tale of Tomatoes on Trial

In 1820, the town of Salem, New Jersey, held a trial against tomatoes. The juicy red fruit was regarded as a syught it to be a prominent cause of deaths and unfortunate health emergencies.

The town rallied against the tangy fruit, and a trial was held. Robert Gibbon Johnson consumed an entire basket of tomatoes in front of news large crowds to prove a logical explanation. Salem’s people were undoubtedly stunned to see Robert survive after snacking so lavishly on the “evil” fruit.


Historians often focus on the dark and gory details while recording the narratives of civilizations and dynasties of the past. Tales of quirky anecdotes, twisted facts, and baffling confusions infuse the study of history with fun and entertainment. We hope you enjoyed these facts just as much as we enjoyed regaling them!



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