we can make ourselves happy


Exercise releases the feel-good hormones known as endorphins. Going for a walk, dancing at home or heading to the gym are all aerobic exercises that will release endorphins. At the same time, research shows that business there are many physical health benefits from being happy. This correlation between happiness and a stronger immune system makes it easier to deal with stress and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and faster recovery when we are ill. 

Try new things

Many of us look to other people to make us happy, but actually, we can make ourselves happy. If you are bored, think about what you can do differently so that you no longer feel this way.  You may have dropped a hobby whilst focusing on a career or young children. If you were an artist, pick up a paintbrush again. If you always wanted to play the guitar or piano, take lessons. With your partner, you could take dance classes or a cookery course so that you not only try new things but become closer to your beloved through the shared experience. 


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